Employee Back Ground Verification (BGV)

A thorough reference and background check of the applicant is essential prior to committing to them via an employment contract. Conducting a reference check helps employers uncover key information that may render a potential new employee unsuitable for the job, and save an employer from making an expensive hiring mistake.

  • Residential Address Check :
  • Verifies that the information provided by the candidate with respect to his / her residential address is factually correct

  • Character Reference Check :
  • A pre employment screening process which helps to obtain feedback about the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, character and integrity from a person known to the candidate

  • Pre Employment Checks :
  • Validates the information provided by the candidate with respect to his previous employment. Validated information can include designation, tenure of employment, nature of exit (voluntary / involuntary) and CTC.

  • Academic Record Check :
  • Confirms that the candidate has not misrepresented any information pertaining to his educational qualifications / academic record.

  • Criminal Record Check :
  • Verifies whether any case has been filed against the name of the candidate in the police station records

  • Database Search :
  • Provide background verifiction if the candidate’s name figures in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles including criminal databases,civil litigation databases, credit databases and compliance databases.

  • Drug Tests :
  • Tie-ups with reputed laboratories across India for 5/7/10 panel drug tests. Substances tested for include amphetamines,barbiturates, cocaine, morphine, marijuana, opiates etc.

  • Court record check/ Identification check/Medical test
  • We check court records (high court, district court and sessions court) to know whether there have been any impending complaints or cases against the candidate.

  • CIBIL Check
  • CIBIL score provide the status of the financial history of the candidate.